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This presentation was done in February 2006, but is still relevant and finally back due to popular demand, mostly by common people that want to understand common web stuff easily, and learn how to apply it to their day.

The first part covers some internet security while you are surfing away on-line, and the second part includes alot of information about social networking and web 2.0.

The whole thing is runs 68 minutes, about half security and basics and half about whats new (2006).

(Best viewed in Internet Explorer) Increasing Security and Productivity

Internet 101, How do I stay safe? (32:45)

2) Browsers and Differences
3) Whats an IP Address and Domain Name
4) How do I get a domain name
5) Phishing? Is that how my information got stolen?
6) Remember Multiple Passwords Easily
7) Email and Attachments?
8) Viruses, Spyware, Rootkits!
9) Fast, Easy, Free Basic Protection

Whats New! Whats Cool! How does it help me? (35:50)

11) What is Web 2.0 and Social Networking About?
12) Examples of Familiar Sites
13) Wikis and Blogs
14) Social Bookmarking
15) To Do Lists
16) Social News Networks
17) Social Review Sites
18) Media Storage and Sharing
19) Online Calendars
20) Office on the Web? I don't have to buy Word, Excel, etc.
21) Memetracker? Isn't that French for “same”
22) Easy Project Management
23) Image Detection – Find my face in a crowd

24) RSS – The Holy Grail

25) Start your Aggregators
26) RSS makes your mp3 a super cool podcast/netcast