Mar 31 2008 - Legal Dirty Phishing

Posted by cheyennejack at 9:26 PM
- Categories: Security

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Sitting here at my comptuer, my MSN Messenger IM window pops up from a friend over in the UK.

"Hmmm, what could this be they have just sent me with their"

Looks like a fun place to share pictures and stuff with friends, maybe they have some shots from when I was just over there for cfunited:europe. All you have to do is...


give them your msn login name and password! The site looks slightly harmless and possibly a good way to share pictures with friends. But read below, and upon logging in you are giving them unfettered access to utilize your email address and even your IM account to send marketing (*cough* SPAM w/ a touch of phishing) to all of your friends, so that they can do the same.

Is it legal? I dunno, there is a bunch of legalsleaze under jurisdiction of Panama at the bottom that says you agree to give them your email, IM and access to your friends to spread their viral message.

Is it ethical? I say NO WAY.

Its harmful to the internet and its communities, where people are starting to trust single sign-on methods like Microsofts Passport and the emerging OpenID standardization.

Below is the crap they show at the bottom of their page, where you give them your own email, IM and friends, and for what? Dunno, I didn't give it to them.


PartyPicz.Info appears to be running the same scam as a "clone" site. I suspect there are more out there. Please, do not give away your MSN account to these sites, and spread the word to your friends so you don't get spammed to death by them either.

Terms of Use / Privacy Policy: By filling out this form, you authorize TST Management, Inc to spread the word about this 100% real and upcomming Messenger Community Site. You will receive your share of the credit in helping us spread the word. This is a harmless Community site which is offering users a platform to meet each other for free. We do not share your private information with any third parties. By using our service/website you hereby fully authorize TST Management, Inc to send messages of a commercial nature via Instant Messages and E-Mails on behalf of third parties via the information you provide us. This is not a "phishing" site that attempts to "trick" you into revealing personal information. Everything we do with your information is disclosed here. If you are under eighteen (18), you MUST obtain permission from a parent or guardian before using our website/service. This page is not affiliated with or operated by Microsoft(tm) or MSN Network(tm). ANY LIABILITY, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES CAUSED OR ALLEGEDLY CAUSED BY ANY FAILURE OF PERFORMANCE, ERROR, OMISSION, INTERRUPTION, DEFECT, DELAY IN OPERATION OR TRANSMISSION, COMMUNICATIONS LINE FAILURE, SHALL BE STRICTLY LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT PAID BY OR ON BEHALF OF THE SUBSCRIBER TO THIS SERVICE. We may temporarily access your MSN account to do a combination of the following: 1. Send Instant Messages to your friends promoting this site. 2. Introduce new entertaining sites to your friends via Instant Messages. This is a free service. You will not be asked to pay at any time. You will not be subscribed to anything asking for payment. This service is made possible by many hours of human effort. TST Management, Inc reserves the right to change the terms of use / privacy policy at any time without notice. To view the latest version of this privacy policy, simply bookmark this page for future reference. You understand that this agreement shall prevail if there is any conflict between this agreement and the terms of use you accepted when you signed up with MSN. You also understand that by temporarily accessing your msn account, TST Management, Inc is NOT agreeing to MSN's terms of use and therefore not bound by them. This agreement shall be construed and governed by the law of the republic of Panama. You expressly consent to the exclusive venue and personal jurisdiction of the courts located in the Republic of panama for any actions arising from or relating to this agreement. If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not effect any other provisions of this agreement, and this agreement shall be construed as if such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision had not been contained herein.

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cocaman wrote on 04/03/08 7:39 PM

hello cheyenne
thanks for the heads up. I have updated my post.

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