May 5 2008

Enable RDS on ColdFusion 8

Posted by cheyennejack at 11:40 AM
- Categories: ColdFusion

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I have recently been diving into Flex, and found that to work with the ColdFusion Wizards to get a jump start on some code generation, I needed to have my RDS password.  Not really remembering what I may have set this up as on my localhost, I simply went into the admin and changed it.  Still that didn't work. 

Turned out that even though I could change the password, apparently I did not have RDS enabled at all.  It would be nice if the ColdFusion Admin indicated this in some way, instead of making you think all is good letting you change your password.

In any case, I finally figured out that you need to edit your web.xml file, typically found at your [cf install]\wwwroot\WEB-INF.

1) Backup your web.xml
2) Search for RDS - You'll find a commented out XML block. Uncomment.
3) Search again - there are two places. Uncomment.
4) Restart your ColdFusion Services

Finally, I'd like to add that for security purposes you really should not have RDS enabled on production servers.  By default I tend to not start them up at all, but for your localhost server its probably fine.  However, I'm sure there are some security risks even here.  Again, I'm kind of surprised there isn't an Admin feature to turn these services on and off.  Maybe in Cold Fusion 9.

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Will Wilson

Will Wilson wrote on 10/14/08 1:04 PM

Excellent, thanks for that! I agree with your point, its stupid that the only way to enable RDS without diving into the core files is to reinstall!

yopir455 wrote on 05/15/09 3:22 AM

To me the benefit for us CFML developers is in the greater adoption (and the attendant increase in numbers of developers using the language) that Railo and OpenBD can bring to CFML as a language and community. For Adobe I think the profit lies in Bolt (or whatever it will be called). Assuming a greater number of CF users (sites, developers, etc.), the need for a standard IDE increases (no knock on CFEclipse...I love and use it daily). I, personally, think this is where Adobe sees the dollars (see the opening of Flex as a server versus the incredible sales of Flex Builder since version 2 as a model).
Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen wrote on 10/29/09 9:40 AM

Thank you so much for this information. I made the changes and sure enough, I could get to my files. I've been playing around with all the settings under the administrator for days with no luck. This doesn't seem to be documented on the Adobe site.

Again, thanks for this info.

Edgar wrote on 03/03/10 7:04 PM

Thank you for the information. I followed the instructions and was able to enable RDS in a snap. Again, thanks for sharing!

Nikos wrote on 05/14/10 4:45 AM

toad vs mysql workbench

Nikos wrote on 05/14/10 4:47 AM

Forget that last post it was a cut instead of a copy. I keeping getting proxy errors thwn FB4 tries to connect to cf9 RDS. Any ideas

zadarum wrote on 09/17/10 12:19 AM

Thanks for this! I spent way too long in CFEclipse trying to get RDS started without ever realizing that this was the problem.

Kathleen wrote on 11/17/10 2:22 PM

BLESS YOU from the bottom of my heart. After fighting with Dreamweaver for 2 1/2 days I found your blog...and the answer to my problem. Nothing on the Adobe websites/forums even hints at this solution. BLESS YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dorin wrote on 12/24/10 5:17 AM

Just to note that your solution does not work on CF9.
I stopped the CF9 Application Server, edited the web.xml file, started CF9 Application Server.
When browsing to /CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm, there was a 500 Internal Server Error.
Stopped CF9, restored original web.xml, started CF9 and it worked again.
But with RDS still disabled.
It's a pity that you have to reinstall CF all over in order to enable RDS.

LarryP wrote on 02/15/11 8:28 PM

Many thanks for posting this!

ronnie wrote on 03/27/11 12:07 PM

Just did this on CF 9.0.1 and it worked fine. Make sure you modify the correct web.xml for the instance you want to enable rds on when you're using a multi-server installation.

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