Jan 7 2011

Best Buy Scam - PS3 - Indiana Jones Edition

Posted by cheyennejack at 1:09 PM
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Buyer Beware. I GOT RICED!

In a modern day scene comparable to the scam Indiana Jones tried to play by swapping a bag of sand for an ancient gold artifact, someone did the same to my new PlayStation 3 purchased from Best Buy. Upon opening my new purchase I sadly found no extra controller, no power button, no wires, just a BIG BAG OF RICE. Ironically the brand of rice was called "Great Value", which at $300 doesn't seem to be the case.

Why buy brick and mortar over online? So you don't get SCAMMED.. not!

Apparently the new policy of Best Buy is that when they have crooks in their supply line, they pass the anti-savings onto their long-time best consumers. Upon trying to return my PS3 Indiana Jones Edition, aka bag of rice, this was the response.

"We have never heard of this happening, we will not exchange the bag of rice we sold you for the product you actually intended to buy."

Boom! I got double RICED

Guess they forgot to throw in the kicker about your Best Buy PS3 bundle actually being a, BOOM, rice pilaf and canned spam special.

They might have well as said one of two things.

"Ha, ha, sucker! We were looking for a dubious pawn to dump that fake PS3 upon. Too bad it wasn't a kids' only present at christmas."

or worse yet

"You are a fraudalent liar. I don't care how many thousands of dollars you or your company has bought without problems over the years. Count yourself lucky that we haven't called the police yet to have you arrested."

I'm very happy that it happened to me instead of a kids only christmas present with no recourse to return. The part that made me livid was the fact that they would insinuate that I was the one trying to SCAM them.

Fraud - Someone is Guilty

Best Buy says I'm the scam artist because I didn't return it the same day. In fact I waited 7 days for these reasons.

  • I bought it right at closing time.
  • I bought other A/V equipment the same day that I worked on configuring first.
  • I didn't dream Best Buy would accuse me of fraud after selling me rice.
  • Customer service is the main reason to buy local rather than on-line.
  • The store is next to my office, so I decided to save time and gas until I was back in the area.
  • Would not a scam artist try to return it the next day instead of waiting. There is no benefit to waiting.
  • I assumed this was a common scam and figured I'd wait until others had returned theirs and wait for a less busy time of year for Best Buy

How did the Best Buy PS3 Scam work

Here I can only speculate to when and how the scam was pulled off and then passed onto me.

Problem 1. Easy access inside without breaking the seal.

While the PS3 box does have seals, the bottom is fairly easy to open, remove the contents and put back into place without breaking the seals. I have to assume this was how Young Indy removed the PS3 and inserted the bag of rice.

Problem 2. Beat up boxes on display.

All of the PS3 boxes at the Atlanta, GA Best Buy Perimeter store were pretty beat up and damaged. Ironically, I picked up a different box first and then swapped it with the one I purchased just because that box looked so beat up and damaged, that I didn't want a faulty PS3. I assumed with the end of Christmas season Best Buy must have been a madhouse and thats why all the boxes were in such bad shape.

Problem 3. Best Buy Return Practices.

If it was a customer that returned the the rice job, then Best Buy employees are supposed to check the contents of the box. Perhaps, it was just crazy busy, understandable, or the clerk working returns that day was in on it.

Problem 4. Sony cheaper packaging problem

In talking with a former Best Buy employee about my problem, they stated that the old packaging had a window direct to the PlayStation that allowed employees to scan direct to the machine at point of sale, rather than just the box. This is no longer the case, probably cheaper, which is what makes this Rice Scam possible.

Best Way to Avoid Best Buy Scams

I guess the moral of the story here, is that you have to treat Best Buy just like any other street vendor possibly running a scam. Hold up the lines and open every purchase while they watch. Otherwise you are walking away with just a box and no guarantees your new PS3 isn't a bag of rice or that your Xbox360 isn't a bag of coffee grounds.

Sony Rice Station 3 Game - It only does everything

Well since the Sony PS3 team has made the slogan that "It only does everything", feel free to leave comments about what my new bag of rice can do since Best Buy felt it better to pass the fraudulant blame onto the consumer.

Here is a list my friends on Facebook and MohawksRock.com have already started

  • More flavor to savor.
  • Less filling. Tastes Great.
  • Beat reality gaming experience for Grand Theft.

Thanks for listening, please pass on (Twitter, FB, Digg etc)

Fortunately we do now have a voice that can be heard now, thanks to social media.

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burnham wrote on 01/30/11 7:07 PM


sorry to hear about your rice adventures. Was it at least good quality rice? Will you cook it later? bummer.

mordecai wrote on 02/10/11 12:36 PM

ehh there full of it. I used to work for best buy years ago. It was a common occurrence for stuff like that to happen. Usually happens in the shipping warehouse. They just break open the box take the stuff out and reseal and shrink wrap the package.

Unfortunately nothing you can do about it however as they always maintain "it doesn't happen".

Eric wrote on 04/16/11 2:25 PM

Your tale of woe reminded me of an article from last year. Check out these videos for a laugh. Not kid safe.


Charlie wrote on 09/29/11 12:35 AM

Did you contact Sony at all or did you blame the first person to give you an answer you didn't want to hear?

sunyiming wrote on 05/03/12 10:35 PM

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