Aug 26 2008

Webcast Revisited: Productivity and Security Online

This video presentation was recorded live at Imedex in February 2006, even before Time magazine released their article "Putting the 'We' in Web", which started putting Web 2.0 on a larger map. Fortunately the basics of this presentation are still relevant today. Many thanks to my friends at Imedex for getting me these materials back so that I could post this video again which is back due to its popular demand.


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Aug 8 2008

Social Networks Connecting Patients and Pharma

Pharma 2.0 just reviewed, a fantastic social network for people effected by diabetes.  Its great to see so many things happening to the brand Manny Hernandez has worked so sincerely to grow.  The main site, based upon the Ning framework, already has joined up 4000+ members to share stories, ideas, recipes and reviews of diabetic treatments.  He has even launched a spanish language sister site called


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Aug 7 2008

MangoBlog, How to Enable iFrame Tag in TinyMCE

First off let me start off by saying that I absolutely love using MangoBlog. As a complete coder and non-designer, I have been able to whip together a bit of a design and even transfer blogs from various sources into here. Kudos to the MangoBlog team, no wonder there have been so many converts.

However, tonight I did run into a bit of a snafu that took me awhile to resolve. One of the great parts of Mangoblog is that you just run it and really dont have to inspect it much further.

Now while I normally would say spend some time and get to know the architecture behind MangoBlog, I know some out there just want the answer to the question, so here goes...


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Aug 6 2008

The Code Room - Vegas Episode - Casino Hackers

Unfortunately, "The Code Room" only had 3 episodes to my knowledge, but by far this has been a continual favorite of mine to send to other people, especially when talking about SQL Injection attacks.  Its a webisode featuring a team of white hats and black hats battling it out to steal millions of dollars from a Las Vegas casino.  This webisode moves around the web a lot, so I decided to post it here and hope to continual find it as it moves around the Microsoft universe of URLs.

Get Microsoft Silverlight
Episode 3

There seems to be a new rash of attacks pouring in from all over, but especially China.  The threats are more frequent, larger and more profitable, especially in countries where just selling one legit email can feed their family for an entire day, a small list - an entire year.  There are new tools for hackers out there that automate hacking of long known vulnerabilities attacking...



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Jul 29 2008

Quake has California Twitter in its Boots

At 11:50am on the west coast reports surfaced of an east L.A. earthquake striking at 11:42 am just east of LA.  However, the microblog/twitterverse reported the event at least 1 minute before the quake was said to have struck.


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Jun 15 2008

Extra! Extra! The TALL Street Journal

Standing at 6'11, I figured June 11 (6/11) would be the best day to launch my social network The Tall Street Journal. After successfully launching Mohawks Rock for Punk Rock Hairstyles and Mohawk Hair over 7 months ago with much better than anticipated numbers for a hobby (250,000+ page views from 128 countries), I decided it was about time to


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Jun 3 2008

Microblog from Mobile Innovation Conference

Oddly enough, my comcast is churning to death like it does 2 or 3 times a month with modem-like speeds on broadband.  So I'll make this short and expand further once I get the internet pipeline less than half as good as a 12 year old japanese girl on her 1oz cell phone.

Follow my thoughts from the Mobile Innovation Conference, at

If any one tweet interests you, leave a comment here, and I'll make sure to expand upon the information further as I remember it from my firehose of international mobile innovations that seek to change the world in the coming future.

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