Mar 10 2011

ColdFusion Builder 2 Presentation - Pencast

So I've been testing out my Echo LiveScribe SmartPen and decided to finally put it to the test last night. It took my pen, nicknamed "MoneyPenny" to the monthly Atlanta ColdFusion User Group meeting, which tonight was presented by Josh Adams of Adobe about ColdFusion Builder 2, currently in beta.


Please allow about 20-30 seconds for 2 hours of audio to load into player

Whats a pencast?


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Jan 7 2011

Best Buy Scam - PS3 - Indiana Jones Edition

Buyer Beware. I GOT RICED!

In a modern day scene comparable to the scam Indiana Jones tried to play by swapping a bag of sand for an ancient gold artifact, someone did the same to my new PlayStation 3 purchased from Best Buy. Upon opening my new purchase I sadly found no extra controller, no power button, no wires, just a BIG BAG OF RICE. Ironically the brand of rice was called "Great Value", which at $300 doesn't seem to be the case.

Why buy brick and mortar over online? So you don't get SCAMMED.. not!

Apparently the new policy of Best Buy is that when they have crooks in their supply line, they pass the anti-savings onto their long-time best consumers. Upon trying to return my PS3 Indiana Jones Edition, aka bag of rice, this was the response....


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Jun 4 2010

Experts Exchange for Free: Hacking without Login Account or Password

Need Expert Exchange Free, Fast & w/o Login or Password?

Use this trick to reverse their SEO hack and get your expert answers free. Logo

Normally, I would not give out the process for freely subverting a companies password security system. However, experts exchange is highly annoying teasing you with answers in search results, then wasting your time when you land upon their page. They do this all by using hacks that should have them banned from search engines. If you work in technology you will love this trick.

Experts-Exchange practices black hat SEO tricks to annoy you. Now you get to use their own tricks against them to get the answers you need now, no logins, no accounts, no passwords, just some new Mad Ninja Skills.


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Mar 30 2010

Lunch and Learn Slides - Concourse Office Park

Concourse Lunch n Learn Notes, Slides and URLs

Outline of notes on Productivity and Brand Management

A big thanks goes out to the concourse office park in Atlanta, GA for kindly hosting their "lunch and learn" series and inviting me to speak last Wednesday.

I'd also like to thank everyone that came and participated in the discussion. I've been told it was the largest "lunch and learn" group they've had and we even managed to keep everyone awake too.

If you didn't have a chance to join us last Wednesday, then I invite you to join us Thursday, April 1, 2010 at the Ravinia Club's Professional Development Series. I will be speaking upon "Online Communities, Brand Management Tips, and Productivity Tools" which will cover some of this material along with an emphasis toward online communities.

As promised at our lunch and learn, below is a listing of the URLs and tools we talked about along with the slides. This is certainly not a complete list of available tools, or even the tools that compete in each segment. It is meant to give you an idea of what is possible out there on the.. 


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Jan 20 2010

Measuring Social Media ROI

Question: What is the ROI on Social Media?

Answer: What is the ROI of Your Phone?

  • How can you measure the value of having a phone for your company?
  • How do you evaluate the ability to have people call you about everything from customer support to new business?
  • Is it easier to show a "Negative ROI" for not having phone?
  • Would you even consider not having a phone in your business today?

Social media is as vital as a phone for the new business model while delivering greater results with more accuracy, in less time and fewer costs. If your business plan calls for a phone line, go ahead and stick in a social media plan. You will be glad you did.

However, if you or your boss is not yet convinced then take a look at this 4 minute video with plenty of "ROI numbers" to show you how the future leaders of business are scraping the old guard off the grid by utilizing a social media strategy.

Question: Where is that memo from 1996 calling email 'a flash in the pan; just something for kids and moms to send jokes and recipes; certainly not a useful tool in the business enterprise'?

Answer: The better question is which unemployment line the writer of that memo has been standing in for the last 10 years.


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Sep 4 2009

Got Your Revolution! Right Here, Right Now.

The song in this informative video is by Fatboy Slim and called "Right Here, Right Now", which could not be more accurate. Sure, there is an ongoing argument about whether social media is an evolution or revolution.

You can argue what you like, but know this. It is a GAME-CHANGER, and it is "Right Here, Right Now".

"Get busy living, or get busy dying", thats the kidney shot heard 'round the world right into your business. Social engagement cannot be avoided; only embraced. How will you react?

For those of you that want to read over the statements in the video quickly or come back after watching the video to the statistic that most jumped out at you, I've written them all down below.


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Jun 25 2009

Social Buzzword Potpourri Poem

In preparation for a presentation next week to cover the social media landscape I figured it would be more fun to create a social media buzzword poem, rather than dully list hundreds of terms and sites out there. 

In the spirit of collaborative community, feel free to add on some stanzas yourself!

Social Buzzword Potpourri

Twitter me this, Wiki me that,
Should I really care about a lolcat
Why’d I get poked on my Facebook?

Should I blog on my netbook
Has YouTube killed the video star
Or made it more delicious by far
Did Microsoft StumbleUpon Bing
Should I Digg anything Ning?

Widgets to elf myself and stock tickers
On Picasa and Zooomr, what about Flickr
Can I Cha Cha with mobile or just my MySpace
SEO, Messy-O Will you just Fixya this place?


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