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Jan 7 2011

Best Buy Scam - PS3 - Indiana Jones Edition

Buyer Beware. I GOT RICED!

In a modern day scene comparable to the scam Indiana Jones tried to play by swapping a bag of sand for an ancient gold artifact, someone did the same to my new PlayStation 3 purchased from Best Buy. Upon opening my new purchase I sadly found no extra controller, no power button, no wires, just a BIG BAG OF RICE. Ironically the brand of rice was called "Great Value", which at $300 doesn't seem to be the case.

Why buy brick and mortar over online? So you don't get SCAMMED.. not!

Apparently the new policy of Best Buy is that when they have crooks in their supply line, they pass the anti-savings onto their long-time best consumers. Upon trying to return my PS3 Indiana Jones Edition, aka bag of rice, this was the response....


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