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Jan 20 2010

Measuring Social Media ROI

Question: What is the ROI on Social Media?

Answer: What is the ROI of Your Phone?

  • How can you measure the value of having a phone for your company?
  • How do you evaluate the ability to have people call you about everything from customer support to new business?
  • Is it easier to show a "Negative ROI" for not having phone?
  • Would you even consider not having a phone in your business today?

Social media is as vital as a phone for the new business model while delivering greater results with more accuracy, in less time and fewer costs. If your business plan calls for a phone line, go ahead and stick in a social media plan. You will be glad you did.

However, if you or your boss is not yet convinced then take a look at this 4 minute video with plenty of "ROI numbers" to show you how the future leaders of business are scraping the old guard off the grid by utilizing a social media strategy.

Question: Where is that memo from 1996 calling email 'a flash in the pan; just something for kids and moms to send jokes and recipes; certainly not a useful tool in the business enterprise'?

Answer: The better question is which unemployment line the writer of that memo has been standing in for the last 10 years.


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