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Jun 25 2009

Social Buzzword Potpourri Poem

In preparation for a presentation next week to cover the social media landscape I figured it would be more fun to create a social media buzzword poem, rather than dully list hundreds of terms and sites out there. 

In the spirit of collaborative community, feel free to add on some stanzas yourself!

Social Buzzword Potpourri

Twitter me this, Wiki me that,
Should I really care about a lolcat
Why’d I get poked on my Facebook?

Should I blog on my netbook
Has YouTube killed the video star
Or made it more delicious by far
Did Microsoft StumbleUpon Bing
Should I Digg anything Ning?

Widgets to elf myself and stock tickers
On Picasa and Zooomr, what about Flickr
Can I Cha Cha with mobile or just my MySpace
SEO, Messy-O Will you just Fixya this place?


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