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Jun 15 2008

Extra! Extra! The TALL Street Journal

Standing at 6'11, I figured June 11 (6/11) would be the best day to launch my social network The Tall Street Journal. After successfully launching Mohawks Rock for Punk Rock Hairstyles and Mohawk Hair over 7 months ago with much better than anticipated numbers for a hobby (250,000+ page views from 128 countries), I decided it was about time to


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Jun 3 2008

Microblog from Mobile Innovation Conference

Oddly enough, my comcast is churning to death like it does 2 or 3 times a month with modem-like speeds on broadband.  So I'll make this short and expand further once I get the internet pipeline less than half as good as a 12 year old japanese girl on her 1oz cell phone.

Follow my thoughts from the Mobile Innovation Conference, at

If any one tweet interests you, leave a comment here, and I'll make sure to expand upon the information further as I remember it from my firehose of international mobile innovations that seek to change the world in the coming future.

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