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May 30 2008

ADA Blogging and Using New Media to Spread the Message

Its good to see blog coverage leaking into medical conferences now. The ADA has brought on Anita Manning, former USA Today writer, to cover their 68th Annual Scientific Sessions which start June 6th in San Francisco.

She has 24 years of experience covering medical...


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May 28 2008

GTD or Rather GBD - Get Blogging Done

If you are anything like me, you'll notice your blogging goes in spurts.  Not that you don't have ideas, just that sometimes you don't have the time to go through all of the hassle of "Getting Blogging Done".  Here is an article from LifeHacker, a great site mind you, that shares there top 10 tips for Getting Blogging Done.

Pay special attention to tip 7 and  Its a service I've just recently started using and loving.  I could spend an entire weekend thinking up all of the different ways to utilize this service, and just might.

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May 7 2008

Free Pizza and Penetration Testing

pizza slice

Yeah, theres always a catch to free pizza, but the education is more valuable than that and we'd love to have anybody out there currently involved with web development, especially involved with security and web application penetration to testing to come on out and participate in this seminar lead by..


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May 6 2008

Free SEO Keyword Difficulty Tools

Now that you have found some keyword phrases you like using the wordtracker free keyword search volume tool, I'm sure you are ready to run out and start capitalizing. Hold on Tonto!

Another valuable tool you will need to determine is keyword difficulty. This gives you an estimate of just how hard it will be to reach top 10 status for your term. Two free services are Google Adwords Keyword Tool and...


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May 5 2008

Enable RDS on ColdFusion 8

Looking into the ColdFusion Wizard tools and other Flex / ColdFusion integrated features, I recently discovered that the ColdFusion Admin will let you change the password regardless of whether it is working or not.  Heres how to check if its installed, and fix it if it is not.



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