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Apr 25 2008

Free Website Tracking - Google Analytics

There are many tools for tracking your website, page or blog performances.  However, I still see many people who are not tracking at all.  I encourage the use of Google Analytics, a free tool that used to be called Urchin.  It will definitely give you at least a start, if not everything you need on analytics.  Here is a very solid video on how to use it after signing up. If you have problems setting it up, let me know, and I will help you out.







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Apr 23 2008

Style Matters When People Search

My friend Stephen Wilkins, has recently started up a blog covering the topic of copyediting in AMA style.

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Why should search engines care about the American Medical Association style or any other style for that matter? ...


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Apr 16 2008

Adderall the Taxes, Time for Shireland

After shareholder and court approval Shire will make the move to become a subsidiary of Shire Limited.  This new holding company will allow them to avoid large UK taxes in favor of the tax haven of Jersey paying substantially less to the Republic of Ireland. The group will remain based in the UK and the move will not result in...


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Apr 14 2008

Copy and Paste Stops Working

Copy and Paste ImageThis has been an odd error I have been encountering for quite some time on my XP machine.  Suddenly my clipboard just disappears, and Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V or right click copy and paste, just stops working.  The problem occurs across all applications


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Apr 11 2008 - Be Herd

Started playing around with tonight, with their creative tagline "Be Herd". This was after reading The Community Guy's post about Big News.
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He says in his video that there will be more coming, but so far I am very impressed...


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Apr 8 2008

Keyword Search Volume Tool -

Keyword Search Volume Tools are useful for getting a baseline of how often a term is searched.  The one I have been using is at

Its algorithm is used by collecting data from searches performed at and...


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Apr 4 2008

Saving a Life - Education with Impact - Treating Sepsis

AmbulanceWorking in IT, its not everyday that you get to hear and know about the impact your work has made has made on people completely outside of the client requirements and the profit margin.  This week our entire team from writers, designers, project mangagers and developers did get that news.  This week we saved a life.  This is the story.


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