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Feb 20 2008

Vista Startup Super Slow?

Here is another nice little gotcha in Vista.

Unplug your iPod when booting.

I'm sure its something set in my bios, but thats a factory setting. Makes me wonder how many regular folks know about this, and will waste tons of time waiting for Vista to boot, and get nowhere. Finally they resort to shut it down, take it to the store and have it magically work again. They may even get a bill.

Wonder if the Zune has this same problem.

Obviously,I'm loving having to still re-learn everything on Vista 8 months later and at 6am in the morning, trying to "oh I know accomplish a simple task".

Grump signing out.

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Feb 20 2008

Dreamweaver 8 Hangs in Vista

Apparently uninstalling Groove from Microsoft Office 2007, will do the trick, but of course I now I have reboot to complete uninstall. That Mac "It just works" stuff is really starting to seep into my brain.
Ok. I'm back. Uninstalling Groove 2007 and running Dreamweaver 8 on Vista, is running pretty smoothly now. However, I think it killed my install of Multiple IE, since it was running and now is dead. Hopefully, I'll be getting approval soon to purchase the upgrade to CS3 so I can avoid all this compatibility hassle, or I'm just going to go buy it myself.

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Feb 14 2008

Chuck Norris? You Can't Google Chuck Norris.

Why won't Google let you find Chuck Norris?

Head over to Google and type in the term 'Find Chuck Norris'. Then select the good ol' "Feeling Lucky Button".

My friend Jay told me about this and I got quite a good chuckle thinking about how creative and funny those Google folks can get.

But wait, whats this? Oh yeah the URL is not a google URL at all. This is somebody else's webpage impersonating a Google page. How's this?

The "I'm feeling lucky" button of course, returns you the top page for your search result. Type in the term "Caring For Diabetes" and you are brought to the top page about caring for diabetes. Type in "The Mohawk Social Network" and of course, you go to my site.

Well Mr. Arran Schlosberg in a brilliant marketing scheme has the top result for 'Find Chuck Norris' and is taking advantage of it. Here's how you can help this interesting experiment, which I'm sure will have others clamoring for this spot.

Write a blog post with the following code in your HTML view or provide a link back to his page with text reading either "Chuck Norris" which is his goal, or "Find Chuck Norris" which he already has. Here is the code. <a href="" title="Chuck Norris"><strong>Chuck Norris</strong></a>

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Feb 11 2008

My 30th Birthday.. Friday February 15th, 2008

Yup, its that time of year again. My birthday has rolled around, and as luck would have it, my 30th falls on a Friday. So dawn your favorite celebrity outfit if you wish, head to East Andrews and lets party it up. More details can be found at Giant Mohawk Man

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Feb 7 2008

Adobe Lands New CF Specialist Josh Adams

I am quite pleased that Adobe has brought on a new member to their team, Josh Adams. Over the years that I have known Josh, he has always held the CF community sincerely dear to his heart and contributed so much. The Atlanta Cold Fusion User Group benefitted greatly from his terms as president as he took on the task of having to follow Adam Howitt and still managed to grow the group with his new ideas like cf_lunch.

Adobe has definitely brought on not just an evangelist but an enthusiast as well. He has a great sense of humor and is an attentive, caring listener. This is a great move by Adobe and an even better sign for Cold Fusion and its surrounding products.

Congratulations Josh.

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Feb 5 2008

Vista Stripper - Get Your Bare Bones OS

Here is an article about a piece of software called vLite by developer Dino Nuhagic. The software takes Vista down from its possibly bloated state down to a minimalist state.

I know my Vista install on my Dell usually runs 100+ services, I'll be interested to take a look at this and see how it might help increase the Vista response time, especially when dormant for a time being. However, it may only be pre-install software, still something to look into.

vLite article at Information Week

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Feb 1 2008

Google Image Labeler, Human-powered search

I played around with Googles new attempt to add human-powered searching results to their images at the Google Image Labler page.

I can understand the idea. Kind of reminds me Jason Calacanis and Mahalo's Human-powered search idea.

While its interesting that they turn it into a game giving you and some random partner 2 minutes to guess at which keyword is most likely, I do think there can be some flaws to this methodology.

1) Because it is a game you become competitive in trying to beat the game rather than solve the problem. For instance, if I see a picture I know is Quarterback Tom Brady, then thats what I should type. However, after doing this for a time you find your counterpart might type "guy, man" or worse yet the color of the shirt he is wearing. This teaches you bad habits down the road and soon pictures of Tom Brady get associated with the color "red".

2) Along the same lines, you start to realize that singular words are more likely to match your teammates guesses who thinks the same thing and does one word as well.

3) They do start to eliminate certain words by marking them as not valid and showing them to you, similar to the game Taboo. Problem being that with Taboo you can't say that word or any deritive. So you learn in the Google game if you can't say "football" or "player" you type "football player" and suddenly get a match. I even found myself reading the words I couldn't say first before looking at the picture.

4) Quality. The quality of the images are very poor. Sometimes they just show you random cartoons you can barely make out. They need to index only higher quality images that you can tell what it is anyhow.

5) Text. Finally if there is any text written in the picture, you learn to type that first whether its relevant or not. If someone is in the middle of a fight wearing a shirt that says "peace". You type "peace" and you get a match since your counterpart figures out the same thing.

Granted I'm sure this won't be the only data they use in building the image search, but still something to consider as human-powered search becomes more popular. Games are good idea to entice, but it becomes a problem when beating the game is a different exercise from the end goal of producing relevant searches.

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