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Feb 7 2007

Post Valentines Birthday Partay! Thursday, February 15th

So this is it folks. The last birthday, before I pack my bags, grab a tombstone and head outside the perimeter into my 30's. I've been in Atlanta over 10 years now, since I landed at Hartsfield(No Jackson) airport with two suitcases and the roadmap in my mind to find Georgia Tech at College Park. Alot of times, people and fun has blown by me since then and this year will be my roaring 20's last stand. I invite you all to get my last year started off right with this post valentines day birthday bash.

I figured what better place to get this thing started, than good ol' Rays Pizza right in the heart of Buckhead. We kicked off last year there and I've certainly spent more than a few nights there since. Maybe if we are lucky enough we'll get our Kenny Rogers sound-a-like serenader to show up again to greet us at the back door, like in the below video, a bit dark, but good with good audio.

After we've hit plenty of pizza and fun, for those of you ready to continue on into the Thursday night buckhead scene, we'll be heading over to the Havana club. There we will join forces with my 1.5 hour younger birthday sis Shannie, seen below in the infamous "pickup chicks" club in the flyer.

This will be an extravaganza so cool, you'll probably have to wear sunglasses and armbands, Armada-style.

Ok, well maybe not, but whether you'd rather love'em or hate'em I'll have you know I always have a blast at their parties and Shan and I were stoked to know our birthday fell on a Havana Thursday night, where we first figured out we were twins in the first place.

Combine that with the knowledge that my friend and fellow protector of the night, also one of Atlanta's top DJs, Kevin Dispain, will be there spinning the night away and you are guaranteed to want move, groove, dance and have a great time all night long at the Shan and SkyCam 29th birthday party.

I'm sure the SkyCam will be out all night, so come early or come late and leave when you please, I just hope to see those of you out there that can make it. You've never had a better excuse to try out some Rays New York Pizza or check out Thursday Night at the Havana Club.

Finally, whether you can make it this year or not, keep your calendars open and ready for next years 30th Logans Run birthday bash that will have us racing, raging and me pulling my old gray hair out all weekend long.

If you didn't get the evite, rsvp by clicking here. so I know approximately how many to expect at Rays and Havana.

P.S. If you have gotten this far, its probably because you are wondering what the Kermit holding my head on a piece of cake is about. Well, last year my dear good friend Betsy "Perch" Boyd, made me promise to keep that piece of cake until my birthday next year. Indeed I made a drunken promise that I had to keep, and needless to say more than a few have questioned my sanity upon looking into my freezer only to see a piece of cake with my head on it. But a drunken birthday promise is a promise and that cake has lasted longer than any of my stupid refrigerators (*cough* don't buy samsung refrigerators). So yes, it had to be photographed today to prove to her that I did keep that stupid thing through mockery and ridicule, even though I know she'll be in Florida and unable to see the dispatching of that stupid piece of cake.

Who knows what madness lies before us this year?

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