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Aug 17 2006

The Midweek Freak at Aiko

Ah.. the midweek freak at Aiko on a Wednesday. My friend Melissa and I
strolled in to see what it was about, and ran smack into the middle of
Autumns birthday extravaganza. Here are a few photos from that evening.

Go Autumn. Its your birthday. Raise your hand if you are sure.

Don't look now Autumn look its the Tall Guy cam, high in the sky.

Melissa. Meet Josh and Autumn. And yes none of you are allowed to close your mouths.


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Aug 14 2006

Aggregators or RSS Readers

As far as I'm concerned the term RSS Reader and Aggregator can be used interchangeably.  What they cannot do, is be ignored.

My old morning routine used to be something like ok lets surf to, then, the, etc. etc. until I had gotten around to most of the sites I regularly visit.  Then I'd run across another cool site and have to remember to add it to my routine, maybe my bookmarks, maybe if I knew what that was at the time.  Pretty soon I'd have hours spent just going to different sites, waiting for them to load...


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Aug 11 2006

How to Install Flash 9 Beta on the Flock Browser

I love using flock, but have recently been highly annoyed by not being able to install the flash 9 player on it.  This is problematic since MySpace is really encouraging its use, and you can't even get to some content without the player installed.  Ironically I find that myspace is the greatest reason to use Flock.

In any case I found a great posting here that goes over how quick easy you can solve this problem by moving around a few files.

Happy Browsing.

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