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Jul 11 2006

MySpace Reaches #1 Most Poular Site in US

According to traffic stats generated by Hitwise, for the week ending in July 8, 2006 MySpace surpassed Yahoo! Mail as the number one most hit site with a market share of 4.46%. A recent study I read few weeks ago reported this social networking phenom as receiving 11,000 pageviews/second!!

To put this in perspective, 2 years ago, MySpace only garnered 0.1% of the market. People thought NewsCorp (better known as Fox) was crazy to buy this website for $580 million last July when it still was only garnering about 1.9% of the market.

The monetization of this massive user base is still being worked on, but I kind of associate MySpace to a coral reef. Sure its alive, but it also is providing this mass eco-system around it, from sites for "pimping" your space, to clubs and bands using it as an advertising tool, right down to marketers being able to help target prime audiences to buy their product.

I find the idea of using MySpace to distribute Fox television content, like the popular television show "24", incredibly unique and perhaps a thorn in the other broadcasters side, wondering who they can acquire. Facebook? Maybe? Thier asking price is up to $2 billion dollars they say and they only capture 8% of the social networking traffic compared to MySpace's 80%.  Bebo another popular social networking site with around 25 million users, reportedly just turned down a $500+ million deal as well.

At a recent Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association meeting held at Georgia Tech, a speaker said that within two years we shouldn't see any ads that are not of particular interest to us, because of the vast amount information being assembled about us out there.

MySpace is definitely inline to gather plenty of this information, but I wonder who else will step up to the plate? Who will be able to gather this data on older generations? At least they still appear to be much more concerned about their private lives than their younger counterparts.

I myself, kind of like the idea of not having to get one more piece of spammed advertisement tossed my way via the mail, email or next to the article I'm reading. However, pertinent information delivered this way, may be quite welcomed, if it helps save me time in the long run.

Is your time more valuable than your privacy?

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Jul 9 2006

From Super Hero to Sub Zero

Hopp reaches out as a Super Hero

In the fight against crime, boredom and normal nights out in Atlanta, we have a new hero, "SuperHopp". Hailing from his newly purchased, obviously very metrosexually decorated, condo in midtown I met our hero out for a night of zaniness. Starting out with some Monte Python and chat of ripping out walls and putting dancing monkey trains along the ceiling, one cannot begin to predict any outcome for this combo.


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Jul 3 2006

Late Night with the Persian Princesses

Wow. So as luck would have it, this is how I started my Saturday night, with these three lovely girls. Fortunately, their friends always tend to be late so we got to spend an hour looking out at the Buckhead skyline view, having cocktails and asking the Magic 8ball stupid questions.

By midnight though, we were down to Fever. A club I'd never been to down on Cheshire Bridge. It was pretty cool, and I actually ran into a bunch of other people I knew down there.

Then came disaster, as I made my first foray over to the late night Cabin Room. Actually, it was pretty cool. Alot bigger than I would have guessed seeing it from the side of the road during the day. I just don't think I need to be out until 6 in the morning, despite keeping such good company.

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Jul 1 2006

Team Canada Sucks Takes Silver Again

Alana's fish bowl/birthday blowout #2 was a riot as usual. However, due to a controversial decision Team KART somehow managed to pull a championship win over Team Canada Sucks.

The defeat was hard to swallow for a team that dominated the first round, outsucking the two other competing teams like Hoover vaccuum vs. those crappy little roller things busboys use at restuarants.

2nd place two years in a row is tough to take. Maybe we shouldn't name our team that, especially on Canada Day. Oh and as hard as she tries or as much furniture as she buys, Alana won't be as tall as I.

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