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Jun 29 2006

Real Estate Goes Web

If you are in the market for buying a new place, check out this website. It'll give you multiple satellite and map views, along with the price of houses in the neighborhood you are looking at.

Real Estate is getting primed in the web 2.0 space, so much so that realtors were protesting a website in the Seattle area that was seeking to sell homes at a lower rate, by letting users do most of the house shopping on-line.

Use Zillow right now, but I'll keep an eye on this space, especially since I'm selling and moving out of my condo within the year.

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Jun 27 2006

3..2..1.. LAUNCH!

Well, its been a long time coming. But, finally I took some time and created my own webpage. I'll be using this page mostly to Blog about current Tech happenings in Atlanta and elsewhere. I really believe Atlanta is springing up to be the SouthEastern hub for Software Development and New Media.

Other parts of the site will include reviews on certain tech items that I've purchased and/or reviewed. Most of my family and close friends know that I spend way too much time evaluating things. That probably won't stop, so as a benefit, to those on my site, I'll let you know what I've studied up on for a particular product. Hopefully, others will chime in as well.

I'll also be trying to incorporate many of the Web 2.0 services into this site everywhere. The distributed web is coming. I know you won't remember to check my site often, but add at least add this blog to your RSS reader. If you aren't sure what that is, check out the video link on my first post. I covered alot of Web 2.0 topics at my companies first lunch n learn, and many have found it useful. It was definitely gratifying to know that I did this talk 6 weeks before Newsweek did their piece entitled "Putting the 'We' in Web". Several co-workers mentioned that my talk covered everything the Newsweek article did and more. One, even felt she was the hit of a dinner conversation when she knew all about 'Wikis" before anybody else including that it is Hawaiian for "quick".

Finally, I utilized the DotNetNuke Engine to launch this site and it really saved me some time (which I never seem to have enough of), in getting out some basic features like this blog. I'd definitely suggest that others even with little web experience look into it as well. I just set up the default installation through services. It is better to manually do this, but I wanted to experience what your typical user might do in getting something like this started. Its not too bad.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment on what you think, what you want to hear, and how you found my site.


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Jun 24 2006

Squared Pixel Lounge

It certainly is hip to be square, especially if you are at the newly launched Squared Pixel Lounge Inc. Started by my friends Payal and Kunal Mehta in Alpharetta, GA they will be focusing on video editing, motion graphics and DVD authoring.

I look forward to watching their company succeed and grow as they get going. Its another media company getting rooted in Atlanta, bringing this city closer and closer to the other big media cities like L.A. and New York.

I was able to attend their official launch party Friday. Here are some of the photos of the new studio and the event. (Please dismiss the Godzilla part)[email protected]/

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Jun 21 2006

Pandora offers a great way to listen to music on-line. Basically, you type in a band or a song that you like, and it creates a radio station for you that will play songs in its database that are similar to the one you've created. Its a great way to find out about new artists you have never heard of but just might really like based upon other songs you already like. After listening to a podcast with the founder of this project, I have discovered that it will work much more accurately if you create a station based upon a song, rather than an artist,. Basically, this is because they have a horde of musicians that disect a song into around 42 different Genomes (categories - this service is based upon the Music Genome Project). They then match songs by the genomes similar to your taste and send them to your player. If you chose just an artist like Vanilla Ice, then it would match the genomes of all his music and you'd end up getting a hodge podge of cheesy early 90s rap mixed with his new heavy metal stuff. Maybe you'd want that, maybe you not, but it gives you the basic idea of Pandora. Finally, I'm sure some people may comment about another similar site called I do have an account with them, but find that Pandora serves my needs just fine. As a side note there is a mashup out there "PandoraFM" that will store your musical listening habits from Pandora back into your account.

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Jun 17 2006

Flock - The Social Browser

So I've known about the coming of Flock for some time now, but it just got released to the public last week. Its a new browser built upon the Firefox engine and supposed to be geared more towards a social web.

Conclusion. I love it.

In all honesty, I haven't tweaked it much, and haven't set up all the features, but from what I see of it now, it is fantastic. I'm not sure I note too much beyond having firefox with extra features added, but with its new branding and inclusiveness, of useful tools like the photo bar; i think it could absolutely explode into the myspace generation.

I can't tell you the number of people that want to put pictures and/or videos here or there but really don't know how to yet. With Flock, its drag and drop baby. Currently its only set up for Flickr and Photobucket, but I'm sure others will follow. However, this really boosts the aforementioned in the market place.

Download it. Try it. Grab an account with either photobucket or flickr if you haven't already, and comment away on the new social web.

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Jun 15 2006

Improving Security and Productivity on the Web

Alright, since I get like a phone call a week about dying computers, pop-ups and "how do I do X" type questions all the time; I'm posting the video to the presentation I did for my company in February.

The first part covers some internet security while you are surfing away on-line, and the second part includes alot of information about social networking and web 2.0.

The whole thing is about an hour, but most people have found it useful.  Comment below if you find it useful or too nerdy.  Feedback is appreciated.

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