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Apr 14 2008

Copy and Paste Stops Working

Copy and Paste ImageThis has been an odd error I have been encountering for quite some time on my XP machine.  Suddenly my clipboard just disappears, and Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V or right click copy and paste, just stops working.  The problem occurs across all applications


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Feb 20 2008

Vista Startup Super Slow?

Here is another nice little gotcha in Vista.

Unplug your iPod when booting.

I'm sure its something set in my bios, but thats a factory setting. Makes me wonder how many regular folks know about this, and will waste tons of time waiting for Vista to boot, and get nowhere. Finally they resort to shut it down, take it to the store and have it magically work again. They may even get a bill.

Wonder if the Zune has this same problem.

Obviously,I'm loving having to still re-learn everything on Vista 8 months later and at 6am in the morning, trying to "oh I know accomplish a simple task".

Grump signing out.

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Feb 20 2008

Dreamweaver 8 Hangs in Vista

Apparently uninstalling Groove from Microsoft Office 2007, will do the trick, but of course I now I have reboot to complete uninstall. That Mac "It just works" stuff is really starting to seep into my brain.
Ok. I'm back. Uninstalling Groove 2007 and running Dreamweaver 8 on Vista, is running pretty smoothly now. However, I think it killed my install of Multiple IE, since it was running and now is dead. Hopefully, I'll be getting approval soon to purchase the upgrade to CS3 so I can avoid all this compatibility hassle, or I'm just going to go buy it myself.

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Feb 5 2008

Vista Stripper - Get Your Bare Bones OS

Here is an article about a piece of software called vLite by developer Dino Nuhagic. The software takes Vista down from its possibly bloated state down to a minimalist state.

I know my Vista install on my Dell usually runs 100+ services, I'll be interested to take a look at this and see how it might help increase the Vista response time, especially when dormant for a time being. However, it may only be pre-install software, still something to look into.

vLite article at Information Week

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Jan 4 2008

Vista Hosts File, How to Edit Easily without UAC Block

Since upgrading(?) to Vista several things have driven me bonkers including editing my hosts file. You can't just open it, edit it and save like you did in XP. Instead you must have a program, like Notepad, open and in the 'run as administrator' mode.
Simple enough right? No. Constantly I open the file, start editing it and then save only to find I was supposed to open Notepad first, in administrator mode, then search through and find the hosts file in a series of non-intuitive folders unless you live and breathe in the system32 folder.

You could turn off this security issues by disabling UAC, but I've been trying to live and learn with it, since the concept is sound, even if annoying.

Here's the Vista hosts file quick fix that lets you double click a shortcut, edit the file and move on.

1)Right-click your desktop (or any folder) select New -> Shortcut.
2)Where it asks for the location of the item put "C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts". Click Next. (This assumes you want to use Notepad to edit and your hosts file is the default folder structure)
3)Name your shortcut. Something like "Vista hosts file" will work, whatever you choose. Click Finish.
4)Right-click your new Shortcut and select "Properties".
5)Click the "Advanced.." button in the lower right.
6)Checkmark "Run As Administrator". Click Ok. Click Ok.

Now you are set. Double-click your icon, Vista will automatically ask you for admin permissions, click continue, edit your hosts file, and whistfully save without permission errors popping up all over and causing you to have to start all over again, derailing the train of thought you were really trying to execute.

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