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Aug 26 2008

Webcast Revisited: Productivity and Security Online

This video presentation was recorded live at Imedex in February 2006, even before Time magazine released their article "Putting the 'We' in Web", which started putting Web 2.0 on a larger map. Fortunately the basics of this presentation are still relevant today. Many thanks to my friends at Imedex for getting me these materials back so that I could post this video again which is back due to its popular demand.


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Jun 15 2008

Extra! Extra! The TALL Street Journal

Standing at 6'11, I figured June 11 (6/11) would be the best day to launch my social network The Tall Street Journal. After successfully launching Mohawks Rock for Punk Rock Hairstyles and Mohawk Hair over 7 months ago with much better than anticipated numbers for a hobby (250,000+ page views from 128 countries), I decided it was about time to


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May 28 2008

GTD or Rather GBD - Get Blogging Done

If you are anything like me, you'll notice your blogging goes in spurts.  Not that you don't have ideas, just that sometimes you don't have the time to go through all of the hassle of "Getting Blogging Done".  Here is an article from LifeHacker, a great site mind you, that shares there top 10 tips for Getting Blogging Done.

Pay special attention to tip 7 and  Its a service I've just recently started using and loving.  I could spend an entire weekend thinking up all of the different ways to utilize this service, and just might.

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May 6 2008

Free SEO Keyword Difficulty Tools

Now that you have found some keyword phrases you like using the wordtracker free keyword search volume tool, I'm sure you are ready to run out and start capitalizing. Hold on Tonto!

Another valuable tool you will need to determine is keyword difficulty. This gives you an estimate of just how hard it will be to reach top 10 status for your term. Two free services are Google Adwords Keyword Tool and...


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Apr 25 2008

Free Website Tracking - Google Analytics

There are many tools for tracking your website, page or blog performances.  However, I still see many people who are not tracking at all.  I encourage the use of Google Analytics, a free tool that used to be called Urchin.  It will definitely give you at least a start, if not everything you need on analytics.  Here is a very solid video on how to use it after signing up. If you have problems setting it up, let me know, and I will help you out.







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Apr 23 2008

Style Matters When People Search

My friend Stephen Wilkins, has recently started up a blog covering the topic of copyediting in AMA style.

Wilking Publishing Logo

Why should search engines care about the American Medical Association style or any other style for that matter? ...


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Apr 11 2008 - Be Herd

Started playing around with tonight, with their creative tagline "Be Herd". This was after reading The Community Guy's post about Big News.
Utterz Logo
He says in his video that there will be more coming, but so far I am very impressed...


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