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Jun 4 2010

Experts Exchange for Free: Hacking without Login Account or Password

Need Expert Exchange Free, Fast & w/o Login or Password?

Use this trick to reverse their SEO hack and get your expert answers free. Logo

Normally, I would not give out the process for freely subverting a companies password security system. However, experts exchange is highly annoying teasing you with answers in search results, then wasting your time when you land upon their page. They do this all by using hacks that should have them banned from search engines. If you work in technology you will love this trick.

Experts-Exchange practices black hat SEO tricks to annoy you. Now you get to use their own tricks against them to get the answers you need now, no logins, no accounts, no passwords, just some new Mad Ninja Skills.


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Aug 26 2008

Webcast Revisited: Productivity and Security Online

This video presentation was recorded live at Imedex in February 2006, even before Time magazine released their article "Putting the 'We' in Web", which started putting Web 2.0 on a larger map. Fortunately the basics of this presentation are still relevant today. Many thanks to my friends at Imedex for getting me these materials back so that I could post this video again which is back due to its popular demand.


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Aug 7 2008

MangoBlog, How to Enable iFrame Tag in TinyMCE

First off let me start off by saying that I absolutely love using MangoBlog. As a complete coder and non-designer, I have been able to whip together a bit of a design and even transfer blogs from various sources into here. Kudos to the MangoBlog team, no wonder there have been so many converts.

However, tonight I did run into a bit of a snafu that took me awhile to resolve. One of the great parts of Mangoblog is that you just run it and really dont have to inspect it much further.

Now while I normally would say spend some time and get to know the architecture behind MangoBlog, I know some out there just want the answer to the question, so here goes...


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Aug 6 2008

The Code Room - Vegas Episode - Casino Hackers

Unfortunately, "The Code Room" only had 3 episodes to my knowledge, but by far this has been a continual favorite of mine to send to other people, especially when talking about SQL Injection attacks.  Its a webisode featuring a team of white hats and black hats battling it out to steal millions of dollars from a Las Vegas casino.  This webisode moves around the web a lot, so I decided to post it here and hope to continual find it as it moves around the Microsoft universe of URLs.

Get Microsoft Silverlight
Episode 3

There seems to be a new rash of attacks pouring in from all over, but especially China.  The threats are more frequent, larger and more profitable, especially in countries where just selling one legit email can feed their family for an entire day, a small list - an entire year.  There are new tools for hackers out there that automate hacking of long known vulnerabilities attacking...



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May 7 2008

Free Pizza and Penetration Testing

pizza slice

Yeah, theres always a catch to free pizza, but the education is more valuable than that and we'd love to have anybody out there currently involved with web development, especially involved with security and web application penetration to testing to come on out and participate in this seminar lead by..


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Mar 31 2008 - Legal Dirty Phishing

Sitting here at my comptuer, my MSN Messenger IM window pops up from a friend over in the UK.

"Hmmm, what could this be they have just sent me with their"

Looks like a fun place to...


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Jan 26 2007

Use Your MySpace Password for MySpace Only

So for better or for worse a list of 56,000 usernames and passwords captured from a fake myspace login page (its called phishing) has been released.  Here is one link to this list.  I'd suggest checking it out and making sure that you are not on there.

I won't go too far into the story since its fairly well covered.  Here is a link to a couple of stories about how it happened and even some interesting analysis of the passwords.

Remember these are people that are posting the passwords.  Its debatable whether this is a good or a bad thing, but one thing is for sure, the "real" bad guys aren't going to tell you about the data they have, and I guarantee they have a lot more about you than this.

I know its difficult to remember a lot of passwords.  I do have tips on ways to have many different passwords and remember them easily in my video about online security found here.

If you don't have the time for all of that, I will make one small plea with you.  Most of you know to have different passwords for your financial accounts.  Great! I would add MySpace into this same category.   The password you use there should be different from any other site, mainly because MySpace is going to continually be hacked and the subject of these attacks.  If you do fall victim to one of these, you don't want the hackers to have your password to anything else, like your email account, where they can start to cause more damage, than just taking your MySpace account.

Use Your MySpace Password for MySpace Only.

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