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Mar 10 2008

Verizon - Only In Americas Best Network

So in true Cheyenne fashion, I decided to go on a bit of a wander throughout London tonight. Try to get my barings see what I might just run into and find....


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Jun 29 2006

Real Estate Goes Web

If you are in the market for buying a new place, check out this website. It'll give you multiple satellite and map views, along with the price of houses in the neighborhood you are looking at.

Real Estate is getting primed in the web 2.0 space, so much so that realtors were protesting a website in the Seattle area that was seeking to sell homes at a lower rate, by letting users do most of the house shopping on-line.

Use Zillow right now, but I'll keep an eye on this space, especially since I'm selling and moving out of my condo within the year.

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Jun 24 2006

Squared Pixel Lounge

It certainly is hip to be square, especially if you are at the newly launched Squared Pixel Lounge Inc. Started by my friends Payal and Kunal Mehta in Alpharetta, GA they will be focusing on video editing, motion graphics and DVD authoring.

I look forward to watching their company succeed and grow as they get going. Its another media company getting rooted in Atlanta, bringing this city closer and closer to the other big media cities like L.A. and New York.

I was able to attend their official launch party Friday. Here are some of the photos of the new studio and the event. (Please dismiss the Godzilla part)[email protected]/

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