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Aug 26 2008

Webcast Revisited: Productivity and Security Online

This video presentation was recorded live at Imedex in February 2006, even before Time magazine released their article "Putting the 'We' in Web", which started putting Web 2.0 on a larger map. Fortunately the basics of this presentation are still relevant today. Many thanks to my friends at Imedex for getting me these materials back so that I could post this video again which is back due to its popular demand.


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Jun 3 2008

Microblog from Mobile Innovation Conference

Oddly enough, my comcast is churning to death like it does 2 or 3 times a month with modem-like speeds on broadband.  So I'll make this short and expand further once I get the internet pipeline less than half as good as a 12 year old japanese girl on her 1oz cell phone.

Follow my thoughts from the Mobile Innovation Conference, at

If any one tweet interests you, leave a comment here, and I'll make sure to expand upon the information further as I remember it from my firehose of international mobile innovations that seek to change the world in the coming future.

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May 28 2008

GTD or Rather GBD - Get Blogging Done

If you are anything like me, you'll notice your blogging goes in spurts.  Not that you don't have ideas, just that sometimes you don't have the time to go through all of the hassle of "Getting Blogging Done".  Here is an article from LifeHacker, a great site mind you, that shares there top 10 tips for Getting Blogging Done.

Pay special attention to tip 7 and  Its a service I've just recently started using and loving.  I could spend an entire weekend thinking up all of the different ways to utilize this service, and just might.

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Apr 14 2008

Copy and Paste Stops Working

Copy and Paste ImageThis has been an odd error I have been encountering for quite some time on my XP machine.  Suddenly my clipboard just disappears, and Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V or right click copy and paste, just stops working.  The problem occurs across all applications


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Mar 10 2008

Lost without Twitter

In an addendum to the Verizon debacle. I was looking forward to really trying out microblogging from my phone during the cfunited europe conference this week. I am quite saddened that that will not be happening. Especially, since the hotel charges $40/day for internet access in your room, and then has a separate company charge you another rate if you want to use wireless in the common areas. Ridiculous....


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Nov 7 2007

Q and A Problem Can Be Solved by a Blog


How do you increase user interest by answering user-generated questions on an educational website, while maintaining high content integrity standards? Oh. And you have already exceeded your budget.


I was recently posed with this very issue.

The idea of a forum was one that really piqued their interest. The idea that experts could receive and answer problems and have those solutions immediately available online was great.



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Sep 19 2007

Zimbra Acquired By Yahoo

Apparently Yahoo dropped 350 million smackaroos on Zimbra, so I decided to finally check it out here.

Zimbra Demo

Very practical handy uses of Ajax all around and ways to help speed up someones day and organizational aptitude. Alot of the features are very Outlook meets Web 2.0, but there is definitely innovation as well. It will be quite interesting to see what Yahoos plans are to do with Zimbra. Of course, now that I've checked it out, it'll probably be down for like 6 months, similar to Google's acquisition of Urchin, but now that thats up and running, Google Analytics is a great service. Hopefully, the same works out for Yahoo and Zimbra.

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