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Mar 10 2011

ColdFusion Builder 2 Presentation - Pencast

So I've been testing out my Echo LiveScribe SmartPen and decided to finally put it to the test last night. It took my pen, nicknamed "MoneyPenny" to the monthly Atlanta ColdFusion User Group meeting, which tonight was presented by Josh Adams of Adobe about ColdFusion Builder 2, currently in beta.


Please allow about 20-30 seconds for 2 hours of audio to load into player

Whats a pencast?


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Jun 4 2010

Experts Exchange for Free: Hacking without Login Account or Password

Need Expert Exchange Free, Fast & w/o Login or Password?

Use this trick to reverse their SEO hack and get your expert answers free. Logo

Normally, I would not give out the process for freely subverting a companies password security system. However, experts exchange is highly annoying teasing you with answers in search results, then wasting your time when you land upon their page. They do this all by using hacks that should have them banned from search engines. If you work in technology you will love this trick.

Experts-Exchange practices black hat SEO tricks to annoy you. Now you get to use their own tricks against them to get the answers you need now, no logins, no accounts, no passwords, just some new Mad Ninja Skills.


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Mar 30 2010

Lunch and Learn Slides - Concourse Office Park

Concourse Lunch n Learn Notes, Slides and URLs

Outline of notes on Productivity and Brand Management

A big thanks goes out to the concourse office park in Atlanta, GA for kindly hosting their "lunch and learn" series and inviting me to speak last Wednesday.

I'd also like to thank everyone that came and participated in the discussion. I've been told it was the largest "lunch and learn" group they've had and we even managed to keep everyone awake too.

If you didn't have a chance to join us last Wednesday, then I invite you to join us Thursday, April 1, 2010 at the Ravinia Club's Professional Development Series. I will be speaking upon "Online Communities, Brand Management Tips, and Productivity Tools" which will cover some of this material along with an emphasis toward online communities.

As promised at our lunch and learn, below is a listing of the URLs and tools we talked about along with the slides. This is certainly not a complete list of available tools, or even the tools that compete in each segment. It is meant to give you an idea of what is possible out there on the.. 


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May 28 2009

Atlanta User Groups


A resource for Atlantans to find and promote quality educational events that occur in the metro atlanta area.

Atlanta User Groups Logo

Serving my second term now as president for the Atlanta Cold Fusion User Group I have recognized that it was not just my group but other Adobe groups and actually just other groups in Atlanta that tend to struggle with some of the same key obstacles.

With the help of other user group organizers, we are building a social community resource at Atlanta User Groups to help solve some if not more of the common issues listed here.


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Oct 7 2008

Regator of Decatur

Cheyenne and Regator

Are you a web 2.0 hater?
Whats an RSS Aggregator?
Time to turn that web dial
To friendly crocodile
Blogs all tidied up at Regator


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Oct 6 2008

5 Ideas To Get Started Social Bookmarking

Here is another great tutorial from covering "social bookmarking". Social bookmarking is a fantastic tool that I have used a long time now, and have found to be an absolute "must" tool. Learn how to do it, then I'll discuss other advantages.


Awesome right? No more wishing you had that bookmark you saved on your work computer after arriving home. Here are 5 more advantages...


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Sep 30 2008

The Social Media Landscape

I will be presenting a conversational topic for the Atlanta Cold Fusion User Group on The Social Media Landscape Wednesday, October 1st. Here is the description of the talk. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Also, the meeting will be featuring Cameron Childress covering the topic of Design Patterns. Details of his talk are on the ACFUG website.


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