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Mar 10 2011

ColdFusion Builder 2 Presentation - Pencast

So I've been testing out my Echo LiveScribe SmartPen and decided to finally put it to the test last night. It took my pen, nicknamed "MoneyPenny" to the monthly Atlanta ColdFusion User Group meeting, which tonight was presented by Josh Adams of Adobe about ColdFusion Builder 2, currently in beta.


Please allow about 20-30 seconds for 2 hours of audio to load into player

Whats a pencast?


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May 28 2009

Atlanta User Groups


A resource for Atlantans to find and promote quality educational events that occur in the metro atlanta area.

Atlanta User Groups Logo

Serving my second term now as president for the Atlanta Cold Fusion User Group I have recognized that it was not just my group but other Adobe groups and actually just other groups in Atlanta that tend to struggle with some of the same key obstacles.

With the help of other user group organizers, we are building a social community resource at Atlanta User Groups to help solve some if not more of the common issues listed here.


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Sep 30 2008

The Social Media Landscape

I will be presenting a conversational topic for the Atlanta Cold Fusion User Group on The Social Media Landscape Wednesday, October 1st. Here is the description of the talk. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Also, the meeting will be featuring Cameron Childress covering the topic of Design Patterns. Details of his talk are on the ACFUG website.


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Aug 7 2008

MangoBlog, How to Enable iFrame Tag in TinyMCE

First off let me start off by saying that I absolutely love using MangoBlog. As a complete coder and non-designer, I have been able to whip together a bit of a design and even transfer blogs from various sources into here. Kudos to the MangoBlog team, no wonder there have been so many converts.

However, tonight I did run into a bit of a snafu that took me awhile to resolve. One of the great parts of Mangoblog is that you just run it and really dont have to inspect it much further.

Now while I normally would say spend some time and get to know the architecture behind MangoBlog, I know some out there just want the answer to the question, so here goes...


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Aug 6 2008

The Code Room - Vegas Episode - Casino Hackers

Unfortunately, "The Code Room" only had 3 episodes to my knowledge, but by far this has been a continual favorite of mine to send to other people, especially when talking about SQL Injection attacks.  Its a webisode featuring a team of white hats and black hats battling it out to steal millions of dollars from a Las Vegas casino.  This webisode moves around the web a lot, so I decided to post it here and hope to continual find it as it moves around the Microsoft universe of URLs.

Get Microsoft Silverlight
Episode 3

There seems to be a new rash of attacks pouring in from all over, but especially China.  The threats are more frequent, larger and more profitable, especially in countries where just selling one legit email can feed their family for an entire day, a small list - an entire year.  There are new tools for hackers out there that automate hacking of long known vulnerabilities attacking...



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May 5 2008

Enable RDS on ColdFusion 8

Looking into the ColdFusion Wizard tools and other Flex / ColdFusion integrated features, I recently discovered that the ColdFusion Admin will let you change the password regardless of whether it is working or not.  Heres how to check if its installed, and fix it if it is not.



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Apr 4 2008

Cold Fusion 8.0.1 Released with 64 Bit Support

cold fusion 8Cold Fusion 8.0.1 has been released complete with 64-bit support for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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